House Rules

Dear camping guests,

It is our pleasure to welcome You and wish You a pleasant stay in our campsite.
We ask You kindly for a little comprehension, and would like to give You some information to avoid eventual incomprehension during Your stay in the campsite and to ensure that all the guests enjoy their stay.

Check-in (registration), Visitors and departure

At every arrival into the camping, the camper has the obligation to check in at the camping reception. During the check in, the camper has the obligation to hand over the identity documents of each person (including children) supposed to stay in the campsite because of their registration into the Clients register. The guest will receive a card at the campsite reception which he must display on the vehicle windshield. The card is used for entering and leaving the campsite and can only be used for a registered vehicle.
It is forbidden the introduction or the arrival of non-registered people in the camping. The access of the visitors to the camping can be allowed exclusively by the camping
reception staff.
The payments can be made from 08.00 am to 12.00 pm for the departures on the same day, and for the departures on the day after, those can be made from 19.00 pm to 22.00 pm. The check out of the camping pitches is valid untill 12.00 pm. For any further permanence extension one more day will be calculated.
When leaving the camp guest must present the invoice at the camp entrance.

Where to pitch your tent

The place for setting the camping equipment and the accommodation of the vehicle is defined by the front desk depending on the available camping units. The relocation to another plot is possible only with approval of the reception. Selected areas cannot be fenced.
We kindly ask You to park Your cars on parking lot in order to unimpeded traffic to other vehicles and delivery vehicles. Camp management reserve the right to intervene and move the vehicles.

Use of appliances and devices

Connecting to and disconnecting of the electric energy supply installation (electricity supply cabin) is permitted exclusively to the camping employee in charge. Faulty wiring will be disconnected from the electricity supply network of the camp.
The washing of dishes and laundry is permitted only in the appropriate areas.
The washing-stands, tubs, showers, urinal and toilettes have to be used in a proper way, according to the purposes those are meant for, considering the fact the matter is about sanitary devices for the common use of all campers.

Public order and quiet in the camping

The campers have the obligation to respect the public order and quiet in the camping. The maximum driving speed allowed inside the camp is 20 km/h. Pedestrians in the camp have priority over vehicles.
The quiet during the night hours have to be kept from 12.00 midnight until 07.00 am. During this time the campers are not allowed neither to move in within the campsite units nor to leave the camping areas because of a night departure. The clients who arrive after 11.00 pm shall be accommodated on the parking area, after having checked in on the camping reception. Retention, overnight stay and gathering on the beach after 11:00 p.m. is forbidden.
It is forbidden to use the radio or TV, to make noise or to sing in a way of disturbing others in the camping. Not following this rule takes away the privilege of staying in the campsite.

Environmental protection and cleanliness

Fencing the chosen area, digging channels and setting other fixed devices or any self-initial changing of the environment, destroying plants, trees and flowers is not permitted.
Water is drinkable in all parts of the campsite. Water is valuable resource so please use it carefully. Svaki gost kampa dužan je voditi brigu o čistoći prostora kojeg koristi. Please collect your garbage in the plastic bags and dump them into the garbage containers places in designated areas. We would appreciate that you leave the toilette amenities in the same condition you would like to find them. Sanitarije nakon korištenja ostavljajte čiste i uredne – upravo onakve kakvima biste ih i vi željeli pronaći. On your departure, you will be expected to leave your camping area clean and tidy ready for the next guests.

Pets – dogs in the campsite

Pet owners are asked to register their pets at the front desk upon presentation of a vaccination card. For everyone’s safety and so that those who don’t share your love of pets have a pleasant camping holiday, dogs have to be kept on a leash throughout the campsite, including on your own pitch. As a pet owner, you have an obligation to collect and clean your dog’s waste.
It is not permitted walking dogs without leashes, taking them into the reception, sanitary block. Bathing among other swimmers is strictly prohibited from 9:00 am till 21:00 pm. The closest beach for dogs is in Vlaska bay 1.5km from the campsite. Do not leave the dogs alone in the campsite.

Fire safety

The camping is equipped with the fire-extinguishing appliances and devices to be used by all campers in case of need. It is forbidden to set open fire, to put on fire-place, except for the standardized
barbeques. It is strictly forbidden to throw cigarette butts around the campsite and the beach, to set open fire, to put on fire-place. Grilling is allowed only on gas and electric grills barbeques.
In case of fire in the camping or in its extreme proximity, it is a duty of all campers to cooperate in an organized fire extinguishing.


The camp management will take no responsibility for potential missing or damaged possessions or in the case of accidents which happen due to personal negligence. Please report all lost and found items at the reception desk.