History of camp Ujča



In bygone fifties our parents, i.e., our grandparents, began at that time ''impossible'' mission. They decided on the family stone-ground, situated next to the sea, beneath the main Adriatic road to open the Camp. On the family estate, located 4 km from Senj, without electricity and water, they started with the tree planting, construction of the first parcels, beach and the gravel road.




1963th they opened the Camp in which they were using, gas lamps instead of the electric, a cold water was brought in tankers from Senj. These 1963th year the first guests are coming and enjoying the unspoiled nature and peaceful family atmosphere. In their countries they were expanding the voice of the beauty of the Camp. Based on these stories every year guests were becoming more numerous. We have always tried to provide more for our guests. The old toilet is replaced by two new ones, gas lamps with electric lamps, a gravel road with an asphalt road. Tradition in tourism is continued by grandchildren, which warmly welcome you, to spend your vacation in our family, surrounded by accomplished nature.